An Average-Type Woman

In that evening, I had a chicken-and-beer time with my male friends in Busan. We talked about ideal men and women. They said their ideal woman is a woman who is “smart” and by smart, they mean how women can attract other people by the way they talk or act. They call it “attractiveness”. They said that kind of woman knows how to attract people and know how to make them fall for her.

I agree with that.

Then I ask them Continue reading


Love a picky woman, she knows how to love you well.

People asked her “Why are you single?”

She said “Nobody loves me.”

And they asked her “How come nobody loves you? You are smart, beautiful, kind, friendly, independent, helpful, and strong.”

She didn’t say anything beside smiling.

Yes, she is like an all-in-one package of everything. It seems like Continue reading

Should women get married before 30s?

This is a wedding season. If you are in the age of 20s, you will definitely experience what I am experiencing right now. You might probably see lots of pre-wedding photos, wedding photo, pregnancy photo, baby photos, or the posts that related to couple or marriage life. How do you feel? Have you ever asked yourself when will be your turn? Or have you already planned to have one soon?

For me, I am Continue reading