A Life Miracle ❤️

“Falling for someone is easy but falling for someone who is also falling for you is a miracle.” 

I have got this quote from one of my favorite Korean dramas which I watched years ago. It still remains in my mind up to now. Since then, I have been wondering if that miracle will ever happen to me in this lifetime?

During the past period of time, I was kind of a person who easily falls for someone. I always fell for someone who makes me feel like “He’s the one I’m looking for“. Guess what? I don’t even Continue reading


Should women get married before 30s?

This is a wedding season. If you are in the age of 20s, you will definitely experience what I am experiencing right now. You might probably see lots of pre-wedding photos, wedding photo, pregnancy photo, baby photos, or the posts that related to couple or marriage life. How do you feel? Have you ever asked yourself when will be your turn? Or have you already planned to have one soon?

For me, I am Continue reading

A Single Lady

After a long while, I have become a single lady again. I guess that would be the last time for me to be in a relationship. There should be no more relationship from now on. It is more than enough for me. It has been a long journey! I have gone through many kinds of relationship. I am so tired! Or maybe it’s Continue reading