Hello from Busan, South Korea! πŸ˜Š

It has been a while that I am away from here.

I am now sitting in the Min Suk Garden in Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea. I am listening to Kenny G Instrumental music and hear the birds and cricket singing. Autumn is hereΒ soΒ the weather starts to get colder and colder. Some trees have changed its color to yellow and orange. I am sitting alone in my favourite bench.Β I, sometimes, feel like it is a dream. I had been dreaming of sitting in a place like this for a long time. I always find my real-self when I am alone with the nature. I forget all of the sadness and problem once IΒ am with the nature.


My favorite bench in the garden

How is my life here?

I have been here for a month already. Everything is Continue reading


Pre-departure Moment

Where am I now? Well… I am now in a pre-departure period.

The departure date is now set.

The packing time is now started.

The journey is about to begin.

So how do I feel right now?


IMG_2485 copy

Starting from the third week of August, I am going to write a lot about my life journey in Korea. (I know I have already done that but it was all about pre-journey, wasn’t it?) πŸ˜…

Let me briefly describe my Continue reading

August is Here

Finally, August is here! For other people, maybe August is just a normal month of the year. But for me and other KGSP recipients, August is an exciting yet nervous month. You know why? Because we are going to leave our home countries to start a new life journey in a wonderland called “South Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡·”. 😊


It is 3 weeks from now until Continue reading

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

I have seen many bloggers from various countries wrote about their KGSP experiences. We can easily get the information of KGSP as much as we want on the internet. So here, I would love to share mine too since I haven’t seen a KGSP post that is written byΒ Cambodian student.Β I will only briefly share itsΒ processes.

APPLICATION PERIOD: Normally, KGSP application is released in early February onΒ Study in Korea website. You canΒ find all the information you need. You can choose to apply either via Embassy or University. Applying viaΒ  Continue reading

My KGSP Journey

So here, I am writing another post related to scholarship because I am now in a waiting moment which is really frustrating me. I just can’t stop myself from thinking about it so I decide to write down how I feel and how is my journey going.

I have come all the way so far to reach this moment. I have been through few nervous yet exciting stages of KGSP. Now, I am waiting for the final announcement which will be released on 21st this month. I will get to know which university / city I will be in for the first year.

I applied via University Track. I chose Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) andΒ International Development StudiesΒ will be Continue reading