I am Halfway There

I just realized that it has been half a year that I was away from here. The first semester of graduate school was so intense that really kept me busy until I did not have time to write anything. I am now on the vacation. Winter break has started since mid-December but I could not find time to write because I was tied up with Continue reading


Goodbye Busan, Hello Seoul!

LastΒ Week:

IMG_7092Now I’m on the bus leaving from Busan to Seoul. This time, I won’t come back. It’s raining outside and I’m sitting next to the window. The feeling of sitting on the bus this time is different from before. I used to feel either excited or tired on the bus. The feeling of excited was when I leave Busan to Seoul for a trip. This time. I feel happy and sad. I am happy because I finally move to Seoul, a dream city I want to be a part of and I am sad at the same time because I am leaving a city which contented so many precious memories.

Busan from a window of the bus today is so beautiful. Another reason that I am sad is when I realize that time flies so fast. It was like yesterday when I stepped on Korea and it’s been a year already. I have Continue reading

My KGSP Journey

So here, I am writing another post related to scholarship because I am now in a waiting moment which is really frustrating me. I just can’t stop myself from thinking about it so I decide to write down how I feel and how is my journey going.

I have come all the way so far to reach this moment. I have been through few nervous yet exciting stages of KGSP. Now, I am waiting for the final announcement which will be released on 21st this month. I will get to know which university / city I will be in for the first year.

I applied via University Track. I chose Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) andΒ International Development StudiesΒ will be Continue reading