An Average-Type Woman

In that evening, I had a chicken-and-beer time with my male friends in Busan. We talked about ideal men and women. They said their ideal woman is a woman who is “smart” and by smart, they mean how women can attract other people by the way they talk or act. They call it “attractiveness”. They said that kind of woman knows how to attract people and know how to make them fall for her.

I agree with that.

Then I ask them Continue reading

Is It OK to Walk Alone?

How do you feel when you walk down the hill alone with a cup of coffee and earphones plug in your ears? Do you feel lonely? Or do you feel happy?

My answer is I am always happy whenever I walk alone with a cup of coffee and good music. It is even better when the cold wind comes through. Why?

Because I am an introvert.

The problem of being an introvert is that they always want to do things alone. While some people want Continue reading

Life is Like a Movie

I have reached another chapter of life which is life-is-like-a-movie chapter. I have experienced many incredible things that I had only seen in the movies. I had always putted myself into those movies and now I am in those movies for real. Isn’t it amazing? Sometimes, I still feel like it is not real. I still feel like it is a just dream. When thing Continue reading

Letter to Crush ❤️

Dear Crush,

I don’t know whether you have known that you are my crush or not (I hope you haven’t). It just coincidentally happened and I have no idea why. Today, I have something to tell you.

I don’t know if you also crush on me or someone else (it’s not really a matter to me). In the meantime, I need to get rid of my feeling to you because it is just not the right time for me to do so. I have so many Continue reading

Pre-departure Moment

Where am I now? Well… I am now in a pre-departure period.

The departure date is now set.

The packing time is now started.

The journey is about to begin.

So how do I feel right now?


IMG_2485 copy

Starting from the third week of August, I am going to write a lot about my life journey in Korea. (I know I have already done that but it was all about pre-journey, wasn’t it?) 😅

Let me briefly describe my Continue reading

Become a Writer?

A Writer” is a new word that is now existing in my mind. It does not accidentally come up by itself. This is what one of my friends told me few weeks ago. He said I should become a writer. I was surprised to hear that because I honestly have never thought of being a writer.

IMG_20160804_143124 copy

Throwback to when I was in school, my favorite subjects were literature, history, geography and science. As you can see, writing was not in my favorite list. I am a person who Continue reading

August is Here

Finally, August is here! For other people, maybe August is just a normal month of the year. But for me and other KGSP recipients, August is an exciting yet nervous month. You know why? Because we are going to leave our home countries to start a new life journey in a wonderland called “South Korea 🇰🇷”. 😊


It is 3 weeks from now until Continue reading

A Life Miracle ❤️

“Falling for someone is easy but falling for someone who is also falling for you is a miracle.” 

I have got this quote from one of my favorite Korean dramas which I watched years ago. It still remains in my mind up to now. Since then, I have been wondering if that miracle will ever happen to me in this lifetime?

During the past period of time, I was kind of a person who easily falls for someone. I always fell for someone who makes me feel like “He’s the one I’m looking for“. Guess what? I don’t even Continue reading