Everything is Temporary

Time flies, things change, people change, and life still goes on.

As I am getting older, I start to understand this sentence even better.

Everything is temporary. Sadness, suffering, pain, happiness, joy, love, friendship, relationship, family, friends, they are all temporary.

Even you, yourself, are also temporary. Your thinking, your appearance, your favorite, your feeling, your preferences can be changed through time.

The only thing that stays forever is breath. It will be forever until the day it stops functioning.


That’s what makes LIFE become a journey. Those temporary things are like the flowers along the way to reach the end of the journey. There is nothing at the end of the journey. It is those flowers that make our journey meaningful.

Sometimes, we laugh. Sometimes, we cry. Some other times, we want to give up on this journey because we think we cannot get through the obstacle that happens along the way. Once we meet that kind of obstacle, we always feel like that is how we end up living our life. We usually forget that we have been through many obstacles as well as many beautiful phases as well.

It is a matter of choice that we have to choose when we reach the crossroad. We often ask ourselves which road should we choose? If we decide to turn left, we often wonder how does the road at the right side look like? Maybe it is easier than the one we chose? Maybe it is prettier than the one we are walking on? If we could choose again, maybe we would have chosen to turn right instead of left? Everyone is having the same dilemma when we are facing the problems. When we are happy or success, we said we made a right decision.

Sometimes, we have to stop wondering about the road we did not choose and enjoy the one that we have chosen. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is a part of the journey whether it is a happy or a sad experience; do remember that it is just temporary.

Reaching this age, I do not have anyone whom I can call ‘best friend’ anymore. I was so happy to call someone ‘best friend’ when I was young. As time goes by, we are all apart, communication gets lesser and lesser, a close friendship has started to fade away until we reach to the point where we become just friends or even worse, just acquaintances.

It is not because we have any problems but it just naturally happens that way. We cannot stick together as we always did when we were young. We have our personal matters to deal with, different paths to walk on, and different goals to pursue. Even though we try to maintain the communication, keep in touch with each other; still, one day, we run out of the topic to talk. It does not mean that we do not want to update how is our life going but we do not know where to start since it has been a long time since the last time we talk. A lot of things are going on.

We are apart from friends whom once were close to us, and getting close to new friends who we are spending time with. Later on, we will be apart from them and get close to the other friends as well. That is how we are living our lives.

It is very important to cherish every moment you spend with people around you. Make every moment worth and consider it as the last moment you spend together because you do not know when you are going to be away from each other and how far we are going to be apart.

At the end of the day, all we have left is the memories of the moments we were together, the smiles we had in the photographs, the comments we wrote and the posts we are tagged on each other’s Facebook or Instagram, the laughs we had in the videos we took, and so on.

During a life journey, people come and leave. No one will stay in our life forever even our family. It was hard to accept at first but as we are getting older, we naturally accept it because we realize that:

“Time flies, things change, people change, and life still goes on…”


Sinchon, Seoul, South Korea.


4 thoughts on “Everything is Temporary

  1. I’m young…not talking about age but the lack of experience and reading these make me think about my current situation and my future… thinking about my friends and family who are next to me and I know that I am going to leave them someday to reach a new level of my life, It makes me kinda upset but the fact that I’m going through a journey and find new people and friends makes me hopeful. I hope I could face all of these and remain strong.


    • You will be able to overcome this as long as you are determined and motivated. You will not leave them and they will leave you too. For the family, they’ll always be with us until the end of time no matter how far we go. And for friends and people around us, spend more time with them as much as you can. Cherish every moment you spend together because at the end of the day, it’s only memories that will be with you. You’ll make a right choice! Enjoy your journey! 🤗

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