Love a picky woman, she knows how to love you well.

People asked her “Why are you single?”

She said “Nobody loves me.”

And they asked her “How come nobody loves you? You are smart, beautiful, kind, friendly, independent, helpful, and strong.”

She didn’t say anything beside smiling.

Yes, she is like an all-in-one package of everything. It seems like she is a woman every man wants to be with. BUT, she is single. When she said nobody loves me, it doesn’t literally mean that nobody loves her but it means nobody is her ideal man.

She is trying her best to be the best version of her. She is upgrading herself from time to time just like a technology. It is not because of someone but because of herself. She lives her life on her own and create things that she wants to have. She wants to live her life to the fullest. She dreams big, she aim high, and she has lots of impossibly imaginations.

There is another reason behind these that nobody knows. She also wants to be the best woman of her future Mr. Right. She wants him to be proud of her. She knows what type of woman, men want to be with. She knows that men love beautiful, smart, independent, kind, friendly, attractive, and most importantly is loyalty. Because of that, she is also looking for someone who is like an all-in-one package like her too.

However, it doesn’t mean that a man who meets her requirements loves a woman like her. People is different and we all clearly know that. Most of the time, She is not interested in whose interested in her and she is interested in whose not interested in her. I used to write in my last post that “falling for someone is easy but falling for someone who is also falling for us is a miracle.”

So what do the society call this type of woman? They call her “A Picky Woman“. People normally blame on women when they are 30 years old and single. People said that’s because they are so picky.

A picky woman usually ignores many men who love her while she is waiting for her all-in-one package man. Once, she meets a person who she thinks he is the one, she will loves him from the bottom of her heart. She will treats him like a king and like the precious thing in her life. Why? Because he is the reason that she has been trying so hard to be the best version of her.

For all the gentlemen out there, if you meet a picky girl, choose her and love her. You might or might not know that there are many men want to be with her but she chose you. You must be the one in a million for her.

However, it is also a matter of feeling. Requirements and check list do not work with something we called “feeling”. While some women remain single because they cannot find their Mr. Rights, some women ended up falling in love with someone who is definitely not her type but he turned out to be “the one” for her. That happens when a picky woman meets someone who is willing to do anything just to make her believe that he loves her more than anything else in the world. He makes her believe that feeling is way more important than requirements.

Being a picky woman is not easy. They are not falling in love easily but once they fall in love, they fall harder and deeper than you can expect. They know that it is hard to find someone who has everything they want but they keep believing in a miracle. So if, you meet this kind of woman then your task is to create a miracle for her. BECOME HER MIRACLE! Make her believes that you are the one for her because she is more than ready for be the one for you.



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